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Bizsynch Case Study

Bizsynch is an Insight-driven strategy & viable solution built from years of industry experience. They have been doing Digital engineering, cloud computing, Big data analysis and managed services since 2011. Bizsynch approached us to Help them with website development.

  • Date
    12 Jun, 2018
  • Client
  • Category
    Website Development
  • Address
    California, TX 70240

How did we help?


Their product offerings and specialist areas have grown significantly in recent years as a result of acquisitions, and their previous website couldn’t keep up with the new development.

The discovery stage is the first and most critical step in web development for such a complicated site. We started by conducting stakeholder interviews to fully understand the company’s vision, objectives, goals, and voice to design the ideal website for them. We also conducted a site audit to determine what was working and develop strategic solutions to eliminate trouble areas.

During the discovery process, we were also able to identify our key web development goals. The first goal they wanted was to ensure that visitors were encouraged and could easily contact them to work. Another goal was to make it simple for users to explore the site and get the information they needed within their wide range of capabilities and specialties.


We were almost ready to start creating the Bizsynch website after defining our strategy and ultimate goals. Before any design or development could begin, it was critical to first define the site’s best user experience. We generated a sitemap and wire-frames to ensure that the site’s functionality met the project’s objectives.

We designed the site’s structure to make it simple for users to understand Bizsynch’s large range of services and the cloud computing solutions they offer. Within each of these sections, we built out the pages in a way that allowed users to quickly and easily browse between sections to get information on the services and contact of a Business.


It was time to put everything into comprehensive design mockups after planning out the site structure. We started by creating a mood board for our visual UI design. We were able to experiment with several colour palettes, typography combinations, photo styles, and design patterns because of the mood board. We were able to showcase Bizsynch as the Friendly, trustworthy, and competent company it is by properly selecting each feature of the design language.

We designed a unique website using the WordPress content management system (CMS) with a responsive design that works on any device. WordPress allowed us to customize the website infrastructure to meet the specific requirements of Bizsynch while maintaining content management, updating and editing simple for users of all skill levels.

We added the client testimonial on the website for visitors can get some idea of the services of Bizynch. For them, we also built a flexible “page builder.” They could use the page builder to design new intranet pages that felt unified and on-brand while also staying flexible enough to meet unexpected content requirements and future development.

Test & launch:

We did an internal round of testing after we finished building out the site. This is something we do on every project so we can rapidly detect and fix any errors. We were ready to present the site to Bizsynch once the build was bug-free.

We were ready to start our launch preparations after all of the content entry, and testing was completed. We conducted a quick but thorough round of QA testing after the site was set up in the new hosting environment and the domain was pointed to ensure that everything was transferred properly and the site was live.


The website was a  success! Clients can now easily understand what Bizynch services can offer them, And the way to contact Bizynch.