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Captiva Case Study

Captiva is an outcome-driven technology solutions provider helping public and private sector organizations meet their mission goals and prepare for the future. Captiva approached us for website development services.

  • Date
    12 Jun, 2018
  • Client
  • Category
    Website Development
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    California, TX 70240

How did we help?


Captiva approached us with a clear vision of the modifications they wanted to make to their website.Despite the fact that we were able to start the discovery phase with a lot of the approach in place, there was still a lot of learning to be done. We spent our time learning about Captiva’s core values, how their site worked, pain points with the previous site, and their target audience.


We started a wire-frame audit after accumulating all of the observations from the Discovery phase. We did this by looking at the wire-frames developed and evaluating them against the site’s vision, target audience, and goals. We suggested changes to better fit them with the overall vision, and we worked with Captiva to develop a design approach based on the wire-frames.

The new site concept was complicated, and the designs had to be created in such a way that they could be customized to the maximum flexible possible. Our design team had the task of not only creating visually appealing sites but also keeping in mind various client CMS administration use cases to ensure that the designs worked in every situation.


From a development perspective, building Captiva’s website was an exciting challenge. A flexible page builder, where Captiva could simply put together pages within the CMS for different product categories and industries utilizing the intelligently made designs, was a crucial aspect of the idea for the redesigned site. The carefully planned strategies ensured that these custom-built pages were consistent while also allowing Captiva to create unique pages on demand.

Programming the product management was another highlight of the development phase. Captiva’s website included a variety of products that were all extremely customization for their clients. And we created a cart option for Captiva’s client for the buy later purpose.

Test and Lunch:

The testing procedure was extremely thorough due to the build’s complexity and moving parts. Our team thoroughly tested the site on all major browsers and mobile devices to guarantee that the performance was excellent regardless of the browser or device that the eventual customer would use to access the site. During the content entry process, a lot of content had to be contributed, and once that was done, more testing and quality assurance had to be done.

It was time for the big launch when the testing was completed! It was a terrific experience to watch the site being exposed to the world after so much hard work.

The result:

We’re extremely proud of the exceptionally robust custom CMS built by our talented developers, which is complemented with equally gorgeous and thoughtfully developed front-end designs. Captiva’s old site rapidly became a distant memory. Thanks to a site that allows them to easily construct custom pages, quickly add and manage products, and receive orders online.