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Custom Web App Development

 Davzon is a Custom web app development company. We are doing a custom web application development based on customer expectations and requirements. Our team of Web app developers, designers, and project managers work uniquely to create custom-built mobile apps, whether it’s brand new or an upgrade of an existing app. With an ever-changing marketplace, you need an up-to-date partner with best practices and technology to help you create a competitive edge. Our app design, analytics, and user engagement innovations will ensure your app will keep running smoothly long after completion.

Custom Web Application Development Services

R&D as well as consultancy

Throughout the software development lifecycle, our R&D team learns the ins and outs of your organization to help you decrease both technical and commercial risk.

  • Verify your Idea.
  • Select the appropriate technology.
  • Utilise resources to the fullest extent possible and avoid unanticipated costs.
  • Innovate to secure long-term success.

Front-end Technologies

Your requirements and design prototypes are absorbed by our front-end team to create a trusted, visually rich user-product relationship. We then code the ultimate user journey with pixel-perfect accuracy while unifying the experience across the entire web application and adding beautiful animations without sacrificing performance. 

Key technology we use

Languages                      –   javascript, typescript, html5, css3

Ui frameworks                –   bootstrap, jquery ui,  kendo ui

Javascript frameworks  –   react,  angular, vue.js

State managers              –   redux, mobx,  ngrx

Cross-platform               –   react native, ionic, phonegap (apache Cordova)

Backend Technologies

Allow Davzon’s architects and senior engineers to begin designing and developing the core of your online application, with an eye toward availability, robustness, and exciting new features.

  • A strong architecture to support scaled growth in the future
  • Integration flexibility with other systems and third-party services
  • To give actionable insights, advanced data structures are used.
  • Secure your people, processes, and data with cutting-edge security capabilities.

Technology We Use

  • Python
  • .Net
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Node.Js

Modernization and Support

We update the architecture, build custom integrations, solve bugs, and add new features, such as,

  • Analytics and reporting.
  • Machine learning and AI.
  • IoT.
  • Video streaming and teleconferencing.
  • Image and video recognition.
  • AR/VR, and more.

Industry We serve

  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Social Network
  • E-commerce
  • Food & Restaurant
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing, Retail, Enterprise
  • Transport & Automotive
  • Banking & Finance
  • Education & E-Learning
  • Knowledge Management System
  • Hi-Tech
  • On-demand Service
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Events & Tickets
  • Lifestyle & Management

Our work Process


At Davzon, we will first analyze your idea for a web application. What are all the specifications you need, which technology we need to use, and what design would work for your app?


The designing team will work hard to find the right design for you, and that design should be user-friendly.


After the design is fixed, it’s time to fix the web application. When developing the app, there are several steps involved.

  • Create a database
  • Front end development
  • Backend development


Quality tests are meant to eradicate problems and ensure the programme runs smoothly without glitches, and the QA team will test for functionality, usability, compatibility, security, and performance. Testing might also reveal future enhancements and upgrades that should be made.


The app will be handed over to you by Davzon once the test has been completed so that you can distribute it to your employees, clients, or the app store.

Maintenance And Support

We don’t just stop once the app is developed. We also provide support for maintaining the app and giving updates.

Why Davzon  

On Date Delivery

 It is Davzon’s policy to always deliver Web applications on the date.

Weekly report

Keeping track of your app’s progress is easy with weekly progress reports

User-friendly and cost-effective

For our clients, Davzon always makes a user-friendly and cost-effective web application.


Our highly experienced Web app developers can always produce high-quality custom web applications at Davzon.

Fit to screen

Davzon builds a web application that is completely scalable and will look good on both PCs and mobile devices.


What is Custom Web App Development?

We Build a Web app For customers’ unique Expectations What features they require for the app and who is their target audience based on that.

How Can I Get My Custom Web app?

Contact us today with your custom web app Idea. Our experienced web app developers will Make a custom web app for you.

How long it will take to Get my custom Web app

Web app development time will change differ on your requirement. Usually, it will take two weeks to a few weeks.

Which is the best platform for Web app development?
  • AngularJS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Symfony
  • Laravel
  • Node.js
  • React.js