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Decor Shade Systems Case Study

Decor shade systems provide energy-efficient window coverings with varying degrees of light control and the convenience of motorization since 2007. Decor Shade systems approached us to Help them with website development.

  • Date
    12 Jun, 2018
  • Client
    Decor Shade Systems
  • Category
    Website Development
  • Address
    California, TX 70240

How did we help?


Decore is an expert in the industry in terms of innovation. However, this was not reflected on their previous website. Decore came to us with an outdated, difficult-to-navigate website that made it difficult for their target audience to browse products and obtain information.

We began by doing user interviews, conducting a comprehensive competitive analysis, developing user personas, and conducting stakeholder interviews. The user interviews were incredibly useful. We learned a lot and were able to use the comments to come up with fresh optimization ideas.

Our competition analysis revealed what was working for industry experts, as well as navigation and design trends that Decore might use as inspiration.

UX Strategy:

We had a lot to work with during the discovery phase to plan out the website’s flow. Our strategy focused on providing ideal user journeys for frequent and first-time window-covering shoppers.

We designed a “contact us” path for people who were first-time buyers. We devised a strong technique to inspire while educating and bringing first-time buyers deeper into the customer experience using rich media.

We built a straightforward path to product information for individuals who understood exactly what they were looking for. The product list and detail pages were strategically designed to make the rich content easily digestible.


The site was created on top of a custom WordPress setup because it was the most user-friendly content management system. It also provided the necessary flexibility to handle Decor’s future plans.

We began designing Decor’s website based on what we had learned after sketching out our plan. During the design phase, we chose a colour palette, font, and imagery that all worked together to produce a site that felt bright and welcoming. Intentional white space boosted the aesthetic attractiveness and provided breathing room for the eye among the rich information.

Test & Launch:

We started testing the website after it was completed. Along with ensuring that the website’s back-end was functioning properly, we thoroughly evaluated the front-features ends and functionality to ensure that everything was working as it should.

Given the product and information available on the Decor website, there was a significant amount of text and graphic content to be created. We were ready to launch once all of the content had been loaded into the website.


Decor’s website was immensely popular right away. We successfully delivered a website with a clear way ahead and informative, visually appealing, and engaging pages after starting with a bare-bones online presence. A straightforward and enjoyable user experience is provided by the modern look paired with purposeful, visual content. Since its introduction, features such as the dealer locator, design inspiration photographs and videos, and comprehensive product pages have left an indelible impression on visitors.