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Plantsship Case Study

Plants Ship is a one-stop destination from where the clients can get a different variety of fresh Agro-Products as per their requirements. We developed a website for them.

  • Date
    12 Jun, 2019
  • Client
    Plantsship Case Study
  • Category
    Website Development
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    California, TX 70240

How did we help?


The discovery phase was critical to the effective redesign of Plants ship’s website. We conducted an in-depth analysis of their current site and interviewed their team and key stakeholders to discover the problems with their current site and the priorities for the redesign in order to ensure the new site is an appropriate reflection and representation of the brand.

Their current site’s main flaw was that it didn’t reflect the quality of artisan-ship of their products. As the world’s leader and specialist in the industry, this was a critical consideration in the new design’s strategic planning. Their goal to raise brand recognition and demonstrate the worldwide reach of their products were other major findings from the discovery meeting.

UX Strategy:

We were able to jump into the UX strategy phase and design the preliminary architecture of the site after thoroughly knowing Plants ship’s objectives and goals. Wire-frames, like site blueprints, were created during the UX Strategy phase. Wire-frames let us create a deliberately optimal user experience by detecting and testing any potential concerns before we spend too much time constructing the new site.

One of our key aims was to make the messaging on each page of the site simple to grasp while also educating users on produce quality and positioning Plants ship Produce as the industry’s leading expert. We kept the layout and navigation basic to make the site easy to use.


When we first started working with Plants ship, they already had a brand in place, so it was our duty to include their colours, font, and picture styles throughout the design. During the design process, we defined how these visual styling components worked together to produce a unified and enticing UI design, bringing the wire-frames to life. We take pleasure in not just developing beautiful websites for our clients but also in ensuring that they are built on top of a scalable and user-friendly content management system (CMS). We chose WordPress as the platform for Plants ship’s custom-designed website.

We used the newest responsive technologies in conjunction with an easy-to-use CMS to ensure that our objective of creating an optimum user experience was realized. The usage of responsive technology ensures that the user’s experience is unaffected by browser size or device kind.

Test & Launch:

We launched our internal rounds of testing as soon as the site development stage was completed. It’s always amazing to see all of the planning and strategizing come to life in a new website that will be launched soon.

We immediately introduced the new site to Plants ship after making sure everything was working properly and provided a brief training on customizing all of the major aspects, such as adding pages, content, and updating graphics. During their own round of testing, they were able to experience making site updates.


We were able to go live with the site after it was set up on the server! All of the hard work shows in the new and gorgeous site, especially when compared to the old one. Plants ship was able to meet its objectives, and we were able to construct a brand new website.