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Socially Swag Case Study

Socially Swag was introduced in 2018, as a division of our well-renowned company “BizSynch” as a ‘Fresh and New’ startup in the field of Digital Marketing. We developed a website and wrote content for Socially swag.

  • Date
    12 Jun, 2018
  • Client
    Socially Swag
  • Category
    Website Development
  • Address
    California, TX 70240

How did we help?


We met with key executives at Socially swag to kick off the discovery phase and better understand their unique problems as a high-end digital marketing services provider. We looked deep to figure out who their most frequent site users were and set goals for each of them. The site’s objectives were to demonstrate its leadership in the digital marketing business, showcase the vast range of services they provide, make it easy for potential clients to contact them for solutions, and recruit top talent.

We also looked at competing websites to see how they positioned themselves in the high-end digital marketing space. We looked for commonalities as well as flaws, and we discovered areas where we might help Momentous stand out from the competition.

Ux strategy:

During the UX Strategy phase, the first thing we did was clean up the site architecture. We wanted to make sure that the information was organised in a way that was simple to navigate, enjoyable to consume, and helped us achieve the site goals identified during the discovery process.

The service details pages were one of the most difficult parts of the website to develop. Socially swag provides a wide range of services, and the content put together to market them differed from one service to the next. As a result, we needed to figure out how to layout the content such that it was consistent throughout the service sections while yet allowing us to show whatever content we wanted on a services page.

We overcame this by prioritizing the various components of a service page and concealing any areas where the client lacked material. We were able to keep things adaptable while maintaining a clean and elegant design a result of this.


We understood the updated site had to seem high-end to cater to their customers, which included Mobile and web app development, Video animation graphics, and digital marketing. We created amazing graphics and developed everything on a bespoke WordPress CMS using our robust UX philosophy. This allows us complete design flexibility while also allowing Socially swag to effortlessly manage all of the content on their own. To set Socially swag unique, we opted to use cutting-edge technology while also setting the tone of the homepage with eye-catching animation.

Test & Launch:

We put the site through extensive internal testing when it was completed. We tested all page elements across the web using the most recent two versions of all major browsers and a variety of devices.

We were ready to launch once the testing was completed. Using Socially swag’ analytics report, we calculated the time when the site would have the fewest traffic and used that as our window of opportunity to launch the new site. The redesigned site was ready to go after a successful launch and an additional round of testing to ensure everything was working properly.


Socially swag website became extremely popular almost instantly. The sleek appearance, combined with purposeful, visual content, provides a simple and entertaining user experience. Features like the dealer locator, design inspiration photos and videos, and thorough service pages have left an indelible effect on visitors since its inception.